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Post #6 Website Creation/HTML

The creation of this website took me on quite a journey. I went from being really excited, to totally frustrate, and back again to shear excitement. The process of placing codes on a page without seeing the results was hard to fathom. However, at the final crunch, I found myself coding away as I watched my page become what I had envisioned.

When I created my storyboard I had a general idea of my content. My plan was to create a website for a teen book club because I led such a club before. This would have been an interesting addition to their organization. I wanted the appearance to be inviting to youth therefore I used colors, images, and language that they would find relatable.  My initial goal was to have an open and orderly arrangement but because of my minimal knowledge I chose an arrangement that used a series of tables. The conclusion is that I was quite pleased with the four pages that I produced as a website. The learning process was invaluable as was the lessons learned. This is something that I can do if I persevere through it. I’ve always thought myself to be one who wouldn’t give up but that’s exactly what almost happened.  I appreciate that in LIS 753 a character flaw was tested and pushed to the limit and accomplished the goal before me.

So check out my page.


Post #5



Post # 4 A few words about WordPress

I’ve been having the time of my life learning new ways to do things on Word Press. It took some time but I finally figured out how to have my personal pictures placed on my page from Flickr. I also finally understood how to activate the Widgets and make them do what they are supposed to do. For example, getting the Sonific Songspot on the site loaded with songs from a legitimate playlist that I created.

I finally got my RSS feeds linked and active and my instant message “Meebo” is active. My page may be a little crowded with content at this point but it is only because I have gone a little crazy adding and experimenting.

My next endeavor is to find out what the rest of those little widgets are. I could be a little carried away with this thing but I am having fun.

Night Time


Night Time

Post #3

What can you expect from the world’s most modern library except the world’s most modern guys? Three Dutch librarians are on a tour across the U.S. to experience Library 2.0, American style. Erik, Jaap, and Geert are their names but rather than library employees, they look like rock singers.  

On Saturday, October 20th, we (Internet Fundamentals and Design class), were given the privilege to meet these three innovative gentlemen from Delft public library in the Netherlands. The experience left me slightly speechless as can be seen in the videotaped session of the class playing spin the bottle. Not played in the traditional sense but we were asked to tell what we thought the library of the future would look like.  

As I continue in the graduate program and observe such experiences as the visit from Erik, Jaap, and Geert, I am tempted to say that the library of the future is here. So much of what I am a witness to in class, through blogs, and in viewing library websites is re-shaping my view of libraries.  

In addition, I am pretty excited about my classmates. As I listened to their views of what the library of the future will be like, I could see that each person has a vision that predicts great things for the future. The industry is in for a treat. This reaffirms my theory of the creativity of librarians. 

To see the footage of the tour and videotape of the class follow the link.

Web 2.0 Tool Review

One cool tool for librarians is “Library Thing.” As I prepared to review this Web 2.0 tool, I immediately began to put it to use by categorizing my own books. I would say that I personally own at least a couple of hundred books. This tool is so user friendly that it can be utilized quite easily. To get started, submit a user name and password. No profile is required other than what you want to submit.

It is a free online cataloguing website service and involves no additional software or downloads. It was quite easy for me to jump right in cataloguing my personal collection. I did this to test the product. I was surprised to find how easily the system sought and found my books.

The way Library Thing works is that you enter your book title and the search application explores the Library of Congress, Amazon, and over 80 world libraries. When you find the book, just click on it and it is added to your catalog. You can view your catalog in list view, which gives a detailed chart of all of your books with title, date added, tags, author information and your rating of the books. Or you can view it in cover view where all of your available covers are shown, you click on them and are taken to the information page or to Amazon where you can further review the books.

Library Thing is so much more, though. It gives access to book reviews, other subscribers’ catalogs, and it gives several lists that one might be interested in such as authors, or suggested blogs. Did I say blog? Library Thing is also a social networking site.

There are more features accessible. You can add it to your blog, get it on your cell phone, and invite friends to look at you collection. This site is quite impressive, maybe I am just easily impressed. If you have not already tried it out, do so and let me know what you think. Hey, you may be way ahead on this but I would like to get your opinion anyway.

I can totally see how I would use this to promote a book discussion group, or library program in a branch or academic setting. The creative possibilities are endless.