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Post #6 Website Creation/HTML

The creation of this website took me on quite a journey. I went from being really excited, to totally frustrate, and back again to shear excitement. The process of placing codes on a page without seeing the results was hard to fathom. However, at the final crunch, I found myself coding away as I watched my page become what I had envisioned.

When I created my storyboard I had a general idea of my content. My plan was to create a website for a teen book club because I led such a club before. This would have been an interesting addition to their organization. I wanted the appearance to be inviting to youth therefore I used colors, images, and language that they would find relatable.  My initial goal was to have an open and orderly arrangement but because of my minimal knowledge I chose an arrangement that used a series of tables. The conclusion is that I was quite pleased with the four pages that I produced as a website. The learning process was invaluable as was the lessons learned. This is something that I can do if I persevere through it. I’ve always thought myself to be one who wouldn’t give up but that’s exactly what almost happened.  I appreciate that in LIS 753 a character flaw was tested and pushed to the limit and accomplished the goal before me.

So check out my page.


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