The Creative Librarian

Post #3

What can you expect from the world’s most modern library except the world’s most modern guys? Three Dutch librarians are on a tour across the U.S. to experience Library 2.0, American style. Erik, Jaap, and Geert are their names but rather than library employees, they look like rock singers.  

On Saturday, October 20th, we (Internet Fundamentals and Design class), were given the privilege to meet these three innovative gentlemen from Delft public library in the Netherlands. The experience left me slightly speechless as can be seen in the videotaped session of the class playing spin the bottle. Not played in the traditional sense but we were asked to tell what we thought the library of the future would look like.  

As I continue in the graduate program and observe such experiences as the visit from Erik, Jaap, and Geert, I am tempted to say that the library of the future is here. So much of what I am a witness to in class, through blogs, and in viewing library websites is re-shaping my view of libraries.  

In addition, I am pretty excited about my classmates. As I listened to their views of what the library of the future will be like, I could see that each person has a vision that predicts great things for the future. The industry is in for a treat. This reaffirms my theory of the creativity of librarians. 

To see the footage of the tour and videotape of the class follow the link.


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