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Dominican University Library Website Review

In my review of the Dominican University Library Website, several things came to my attention. The general appearance of the website is quite eye appealing. However, beyond that, some portions of this website could stand some improvement.  

I looked at the North Carolina State University library website, and they have some features that I thought would be good to implement. When you click on the contact section, it takes you to a form that allows you to send comments and or errors found directly to the staff. Each responsible individual has a link leading to his or her contact information.

One feature that I especially thought would be helpful to add is the “Ask a librarian” section. This link leads to a page where you can connect to the librarians via email, instant message, or telephone. The Dominican site unfortunately does not lead to a specific person, only a “librarian.” I personally feel more confident that I am going to get help if I know it is from a real person.

The library web page of Trinity College, in Hartford, Connecticut, Raether Library appears to be quite accessible. The library information is right there on the first page. The search catalog, online resources, and contact information are among the first things that you see which makes perfect sense. On the other hand, on the Dominican library page all of those features can only be accessed by clicking and entering another page.

For most students and faculty using an online library site time may be at a premium. It would behoove the site developer to implement features that would save the user some time.

There seems to be a repetition of information on the pages that have the Library Blog and News and Events. It looks like the Blog page has nothing of interest for one to write about. I would think that there would be room for students and faculty to comment on their received service or the quality of the library. This portion appears to be slightly contrived and not open to general comments.

On the Research Help page, you have to click too many times to get to the help page. I would want to be able to click on one of the phrases, instant message, call, etc. without having to continue onto another page. Again, we want to save the time of the user. In addition, the page that says, “Contact us” seems at first to lead to nowhere except a little blurb about being contacted. It took me a minute figure it out. Why not have everything right under the first page that says, contact us?

As a whole, the library website has too many added links before you can gain access to what you are looking for. Those items should be right there on the first page. I think the Dominican library website is a work in progress. With some improvements and further review it can become a site that is thoroughly user friendly and mirror the efficiency that I see on the Dominican University website.


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